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SIOS Protection Suite for Linux v9.3.2

SIOS Technology präsentiert neuestes Release

SIOS Technology Corp. is pleased to announce the availability of the following product:

SIOS Protection Suite for Linux v9.3.2

This release has new platform support and bug fixes as detailed below:

  • Certification for SAP Netweaver (SAP HA Interface 7.50)
  • SELinux permissive support for SAP environments
  • 3rd-Node Enhancements – reducing occurrences of full resyncs and improving availability on simple node failures
  • Application/Platform Support (see release notes for exceptions):
  1. Open JDK
  2. SLES 15
  3. RHEL 7.6
  4. OEL 7.6
  5. Centos 7.6
  6. SLES 12 SP4
  7. PostgreSQL 11
  8. Oracle 18c
  9. MQ 9.1
  • Corrective content

For complete details on version 9.3.2 please refer to the release notes at http://docs.us.sios.com/spslinux/9.3.2/en/topic/sios-protection-suite-for-linux-release-notes

Detailed product information can be found at docs.us.sios.com

Gern steht Ihnen das Team des SIOS Competence and Support Centers in Dresden für Fragen unter 0351 / 876920 und info@cc-dresden.de zur Verfügung.